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Understanding Audio/Video Cables

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  • Posted: 07/09/2009

This lesson is part of the following series:

How to Set Up Your Home Entertainment Center (4 lessons, $2.97)

Are you in the process of building or upgrading your home entertainment system? Are you befuddled as to the difference between composite, component, S-Video, HDMI and TOSLINK cable?

If so, then this lesson is certainly for you. In this lesson, which is part of a larger series I'm putting together entitled "How to Set Up Your Home Entertainment Center," we cover the following objectives:

* How to differentiate among the various A/V cable types
* How to make the best cable choices given your desired entertainment center setup
* Are those ridiculously expensive 'Monster' cables really worth the extra money?

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding this lesson (or tips for future lessons), then please dont' hesitate to write me at tim@tswarnerconsulting. Thanks for watching!

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This lesson has not been reviewed.
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The questions that the lesson "Understanding A/V Cables" seeks to answer are as follows:

* How can I differentiate and evaluate the confusing array of A/V cables that are available today?

* How can I make the smartest choices possible in terms of choosing one A/V cable over another?

* Are those expensive gold-plated A/V cables really worth the extra money?

The target audience for this lesson, and for the entire "How to Set Up a Home Entertainment Center" series in general, is the ordinary consumer who needs direct, non-jargon-filled explanations for how certain technologies work.

It's all about practicality! :)

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