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Using Audacity to Download, Record, Export Mp3s

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  • Type: Video Tutorial
  • Length: 8:13
  • Media: Video/mp4
  • Use: Watch Online & Download
  • Access Period: Unrestricted
  • Download: MP4 (iPod compatible)
  • Size: 67 MB
  • Posted: 02/12/2007

This lesson introduces you to the free Audio recording and editing software, Audacity, and teaches you how to record and produce your first Mp3. Audacity is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. This lesson is focused on using a Mac. Anyone who is unfamiliar with Audacity or audio recording will find this lesson a useful introduction and overview. Kevin will take you through each step, from deciding which version of the software to download, through recording and exporting your first Mp3 file.

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Kevin Murphy
Kevin Murphy
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This lesson has not been reviewed.
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