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  • Posted: 07/25/2009

This is step 4 of "How to Make a Mini Video Site" by Damon Nelson of and This video will teach you how to edit the about us page and why you need to create a simple blog to house the links and description of your other sites. Using the about us page can help SEO not only this site but all your other sites as well.

We show you how to build the Minivideosite using a simple pre-made template system from the program that opens on 9/15/09. If you would like a beta version of this template now, send me an email at and I'll let you help me test the template in exchange for a testimonial.

This is a complete moneymaking system using mini-videos, a rating system, peel pages, resources linked to other clickbank products, for more information check out our website at

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Damon Nelson
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Damon Nelson
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