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How to Book Bind: Sewing Endbands (Pt. 4 of 5)


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  • Posted: 08/21/2009

This lesson is part of the following series:

How to Bind Books (7 lessons, $39.60)

Follow along as Frankie Ridolfi shows a first-time book maker how to create a beautiful, high-quality journal. Learn to stitch and back a sturdy block of pages, "lace-in" hard covers, wrap authentic end bands and finish with leather and fine art paper. The Video Workshop is a unique gift for holidays, birthdays, weddings, showers and art therapy. It’s everything you need to know in one engaging experience.

This lesson is merely a small section of Frankie's comprehensive book binding tutorial. The full DVD covers how to make a complete, bound book from start to finish and is available on Frankie's website:

About this Author

Frankie Ridolfi
Frankie Ridolfi
8 lessons

My name is Frankie Ridolfi. Friends call me a Renaissance man because of my diverse passions and hobbies. I especially love figuring out how to make or do things, and then share that with others. Here's my creative journey at a glance:

In high school I won awards for painting, cartooning, and creative problem solving. At Carleton College I studied geology and archaeology. I designed independent studies to build a telescope by hand-grinding the optics, and do astrophotography at the campus observatory. Somehow, I even convinced a chemistry professor to let me experiment with creating fireworks! Outside of class I did an internship at NASA in planetary science, was an artist on an...


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