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Should've Gone to MindBites

by Mark


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About this Lesson

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  • Length: 3:15
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  • Posted: 07/10/2008

This video staring Mark Peterson and Alex Jurek and containing Mark Peterson's hit single " Keep Your Treadmill Turning" lends itself to the ideology of, a do-it-yourself social helping network. Watch for your enjoyment and remember... You Should've gone to mindbites.

About this Author

15 lessons

I've been self employed servicing Exercise equipment in Austin, TX for 30 years.
I have 12 Manufacture service certifications by the biggest names in the fitness industry, such as Precor, Star Trac, Life Fitness, Technogym, Woodway and Track Master, to name a few.
A certified Fitness Specialist by the cooper clinic in Dallas, and a personal trainer for the first 16 years of my fitness career.

Now working at

Past customer's (Seriously!):
The United States Secret Service/ Pres. George Bush Res.
Senator Florence Shapiro, Bob Bullock
Pat Green, Jerry Jeff Walker, Charley Sexton
Tommy Shannon (Double trouble Bass)
Michael Dell,...


Recent Reviews

That's pretty funny!
~ Chuy

This looks like it was so much funnn to make.

That's pretty funny!
~ Chuy

This looks like it was so much funnn to make.

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