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Sales Negotiating: Negotiating Part 1


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About this Lesson

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  • Posted: 12/04/2009

This lesson is part of the following series:

How to Handle Sales Negotiations (2 lessons, $158.40)

TOP GUN Sales People are expert negotiators.

You'll discover:

Why negotiating is really just a game
How to create Win/Win
How to avoid becoming "Shark Bait"
The Structure of Negotiating
24 steps of preparation
20 sources of power
28 common ploys, gambits and dirty tricks
34 common mistakes made in most negotiations
You'll gain actual experience and "play" a negotiating game
You will gain the skills to feel more confident in all negotiations
You'll Discover The 7 Essential Skills That Will Make You A Top Gun Negotiator.
1. Understanding The Structure of Negotiating
Most people have never been trained in Negotiating. If you don't understand the "Structure" you'll probably lose.

2. Discovering The New Counter Instinctive Approach To Negotiating
Doing what comes instinctively is probably the worst thing you can do in a negotiation. Benefit from the latest research and strategies.

3. Learning the Secrets of Question
Asking If you ask the right questions, you'll discover the real needs, intentions and values of the other party. Creating Win/Win is about knowing what people value.

4. Understanding The 20 Common Sources of Power In Negotiations
You have more power than you think every time you negotiate. While power is a perception, it's sources are very real.

5. Recognising The 21 Most Common Ploys, Gambits and Dirty Tricks
Not understanding the "Games People Play" while negotiating is a major reason you might become "Shark Bait". Understand these and you'll never be taken advantage of again!

6. Discovering The 34 Most Common Mistakes Of Most Negotiators
Understanding these common mistakes will empower you. Not knowing them may cost you a fortune!

7. Learning How To Deal With Different Styles of Negotiators
How do you deal with a "Screamer" or someone who "Stone Walls" you? It's easy when you know how.

About this Author

Wayne Berry
Wayne Berry
33 lessons

Wayne Berry CSP* is Australia's own TOP GUN Sales Coach and most in-demand speaker on sales, negotiating and sales management. He is ranked in the top 7% of professional speakers in the world by the USA based National Speakers Association. (*CSP is the highest International Accreditation of the NSA and there are are only 42 NSAA CSPs in the world.)

He is a best selling author and one of Australia's best known speakers. His four books, “Negotiating In The Age of Integrity”, “How To Get The Best Deal Every Time”, “How To Get The Best Sale Every Time” and “How To Lead and Motivate A TOP GUN Sales Team” are now sold in 13 countries.

He speaks more than 200 times each year...


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