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Different Buyer Styles 3: Selling to Diff Styles


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  • Posted: 12/04/2009

This lesson is part of the following series:

How to Sell to Different Buyer Styles (3 lessons, $158.40)

The Golden Rule of Selling says - "Sell Unto Others As You Would Have Them Sell Unto You". That's fine, but what if they are not like you. The Platinum Rule Of Selling goes one vital step further and says - "Sell Unto Others, As They Would Have You Sell Unto Them!"

You'll discover:

How to recognise the four common behavioural styles
How to "get into step" with each of them
How to lower tension levels
How to build rapport, trust and sell to them they way they like to buy.
This workshop will help you develop the behavioural flexibility that will allow you to build rapport and trust quickly with all of the different types of people you encounter. You'll "tune-in" to people more quickly, you'll sell more effectively, negotiate more effectively, manage more effectively and the skills you'll learn in this programme will help your personal relationships too.

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About this Author

Wayne Berry
Wayne Berry
33 lessons

Wayne Berry CSP* is Australia's own TOP GUN Sales Coach and most in-demand speaker on sales, negotiating and sales management. He is ranked in the top 7% of professional speakers in the world by the USA based National Speakers Association. (*CSP is the highest International Accreditation of the NSA and there are are only 42 NSAA CSPs in the world.)

He is a best selling author and one of Australia's best known speakers. His four books, “Negotiating In The Age of Integrity”, “How To Get The Best Deal Every Time”, “How To Get The Best Sale Every Time” and “How To Lead and Motivate A TOP GUN Sales Team” are now sold in 13 countries.

He speaks more than 200 times each year...


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