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Gimp - seamless textures


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  • Posted: 10/27/2008

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Gimp (English) (5 lessons, $6.93)

This video shows how to produce seamless and tileable images from a photo in Gimp. Seamless images are used to create large surfaces from the same regluar texture by replicating the same image all over the surface. This is not only needed in photos or photographic backgrounds, but also in special applications like 3D-Modelling or as background textures for games or virtual environments like Second Life.

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Marian Heddesheimer
Marian Heddesheimer
17 lessons

PHP software developer and tutor for some Internet- and Video-related topics. I try to teach all the complicated stuff as easy as possible and it seems that my audience likes it :)

I'm a German guy, so you talk to me in German also.


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