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A Dad's Guide to Labor and Delivery: The Hospital


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  • Posted: 12/03/2008

What should you expect once you reach the hospital? This lesson is the guy's guide to the biggest birthday of your life. From the trip to the hospital to the trip home and everything in between, DadLabs give you the inside scoop on labor and delivery. Tour a hospital. Peek inside at a labor and delivery room. Laugh along with a pair of veteran dads that have cut the cord and lived to tell the tale. "Push" play and be ready to "breath" easier.

In this lesson, Dadlabs will tour a Labor and Delivery room, explain the hospital check-in process, discuss the physical process of birth, including contractions, different pain medication options, natural birth and epidurals, and pushing contractions. The DadLabs Dads speak with an OB/GYN about the birth process. They also review common birthing classes, and why it might be a good idea to attend one.

Even though expecting a baby has nothing to do with football playoffs, grilling excellent steaks, margin calls, fuel injection, or cold brewskis, this series of DadLabs lessons will teach you what you need to know to get you safely and happily to that big 0th birthday:
First Trimester Part 1: (the page you're on now)
First Trimester Part 2:
Second Trimester Part 1:
Second Trimester Part 2:
Third Trimester Part 1:
Third Trimester Part 2:

As that big day approaches, you may also want to check out the series of guides from the Dads that walk you through the nuts and bolts and nitty-gritty of your babies big debut - everything from pre-hospital through labor, delivery and post-delivery. Check these lessons out here:
After Birth:
New Baby:

For more information and insights from Daddy Troy, Daddy Clay, Daddy Brad, and the rest of the community at DadLabs, be sure to check out This particular lesson is an excerpted portion of the DVD, "Due Dads: the Man's Guide to Labor and Delivery."

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