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  • Posted: 12/14/2009

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Learn about the theory of Evolution with iMindsJNR audio learning series for younger minds.

Evolution is a theory which explains how life on Earth developed. At its heart, it proposes that all species, including human beings, are formed by way of a gradual process of mutation from other species. According to this theory, humans are related to gorillas and reptiles because they share common ancestors. They are like distant cousins with the same grandparents. The important difference is that millions of generations separate them! Amazingly, evolutionary theory even suggests that we share a common ancestor with all organisms on earth.

Perfect to engage, entertain and broaden young thinkers.. iMindsJNR brings knowledge to your MP3 with 5 minute information segments for growing minds.

Make your MP3 smarter with iMindsJNR MindTracks, intersperse with music and enjoy learning a little about a lot.. knowledge to help shape young minds.

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iMinds offers 8-minute audio books that deliver bursts of knowledge on an array of topics through iPods and other MP3 devices. MindTracks are designed to be a well-rounded subject overview of a general knowledge topic.


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