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Shawn's Fitness Fundamentals - Abs

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  • Posted: 03/27/2007

Shawn is a NASM certified fitness specialist, which basically means he knows what he's doing. So, thankfully for us, he has designed a wonderful 7 exercise abdominal workout routine to help shave off some extra poundage on those love handles.

In this beginners lesson, with the help of his lovely assistant Jesse, Shawn takes us through several basic exercises: the basic crunch (with and without the knees raised), the bicycle crunch, a leg lowering exercise, the dreaded Plank, a sideline oblique crunch, and (everybody's favorite) the Superman exercise. So watch out Jane Fonda and step aside Billy Blanks, the ab roller's got nothing on this.


About this Author

Shawn Bostad
Shawn Bostad
3 lessons

My love for the triathlon and fitness in general is the main reason I decided to obtain my National Academy of Sports Medicine Training Certificate, as well as my Performance Enhancement Specialist Specialization. My goal is to inspire you to do the kind of training you need to do to meet your personal fitness goals.

My philosophy lies within building a strong foundation. As with anything you do life, you must first master the basics and refine those skills so that you can progress to different and more challenging goals. My approach to training is intended to be fun, but it is also intended to produce results. If we're not producing results, then we're not collectively giving 100%. With...


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