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Lesson reviews

College Algebra: Using the Gauss-Jordan Method College Algebra: Using the Gauss-Jordan Method

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rated 5 out of 5 Gauss-Jordon

10/21/2009 ~ Assessment1

Great clear explanation of the Gauss-Jordan elimination. Before watching this video I was under the miss-conception that there was a particular ORDER to solving to achieve the 1's and 0's,meaning I though we must solve m11, then m21 in that order. Nothing was mentioned and therefore I've learned how to much more simply apply the rules of the Gauss-Jordan elimination technique.
When you watch, be sure and pause, take note of the rules. Great!



rated 5 out of 5 Helped a lot!

10/01/2009 ~ Christopher5

While this is sort of a basic overview of Glauss-Jordan methodology, he really explained it about 1000 times better in seven minutes than my Finite Math teacher did in two hours. I wish I had this teacher for my class. :(



rated 5 out of 5 gaussman-jordan method

07/27/2009 ~ maria3

very well explained



rated 5 out of 5 College Algebra: Using the Gauss-Jordan Method

03/25/2009 ~ rhonda1

Helpful video to understanding the Gauss-Jordan method.


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