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How I Stripe; Temporary Lanes, Over Stone.


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  • Posted: 06/27/2010

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This procedure isn't common...well..not as common.
Sometimes the Milling Crew will "Mill" = "Grind" off 2" of old and broken = "failed" asphalt.
Then the Paving Crew will Re-Pave that I said...I'll stripe between those operations.
OR...the Milling Crew will mill off the road...then I'll stripe THAT. Then...the Stone Crew will apply tar to the road...then apply little stones...sometimes caled "chips". Then...I'll stripe THAT. Then...the Paving crew will follow THAT crew = the Stone Crew...and Re-Pave the road. Then I'll stripe it again.
I believe the City Street Department wanted an experiment. They're trying to see if this "Intermediate Stone Application" will increase the life of the new asphalt. No biggee...and not really your concern. YOUR concern is to stripe it...even if the striping will only be there until the next day...or even the next morning.
Temporary Striping.

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Dan Zurcher
Dan Zurcher
32 lessons

I stripe parking lots, streets, small airports, playgrounds and floors...full time. I've been self employed for 16 years. So now...? I wrote a book; How I Stripe a Parking Lot...16 Years...By Myself. Third Edition. 102 pages. Paperback. Why...? Because I want to teach you how to stripe and I want you to know everything. I want to save you trial and error. I want you to do well and I want you to get home.
That said...I will continue adding Videos...and products.
Keep looking. Keep sending your requests.
Thank you for everything.
Dan Z.
American Striping


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