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How To Add Like Terms

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  • Posted: 07/22/2010

This lesson is part of the following series:

Combined Beginning Algebra and Geometry Series (30 lessons, $24.75)
Algebra Help for Beginners 3.5 Hours (14 lessons, $19.80)

Remember back in elementary school when math made sense? This video helps you feel that way about math again. Starting with "adding like terms", you can build a strong foundation so you can understand math from now on!

Learning to "add like terms" is one of the first things you learn in Algebra. This algebra video lesson explains addition in a way that anyone can understand.

When you need Math help, it is best to start with something you already know. Since it's easy to understand addition in Arithmetic, this video starts there and shows you how much Algebra is like Arithmetic.

I repeat things a lot because I know that helps. You need to practice a lot because that helps too.

Print out the Guide and Practice along with Answers for you to check your work. If you've never done Algebra before, this is a good place to start! It is fail-proof.

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Sandra Wilkes
Sandra Wilkes
30 lessons

Welcome! I'm so glad you are here! Math help is here for you when you need it.

I believe that using these Algebra and Geometry videos will help you understand the basics of Algebra and Geometry.

Some students try very hard and still struggle to pass math. They start off strong but things quickly begin to fall apart. That happens as soon as the student becomes lost. Teenagers who find themselves in this position often let it "get away from them" before they seek help. Because Math is always a class of stepping stones, it rarely gets better without help.

I urge you to seek help from your child's teacher first. Always. These Algebra and Geometry videos can help too. You can watch...


Recent Reviews

So Easy To Understand
~ michaelmc

I really get this now. Never thought of it this way before.

So Easy To Understand
~ michaelmc

I really get this now. Never thought of it this way before.

Lesson Outline

A. How Is Algebra Like Arithmetic?
B. What Are Like Terms?
C. Can You Add Like Terms?
D. Can You Add Unlike Terms?
E. How Do You Add Like Terms?

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