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Examples With Parallel Lines and Triangles

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  • Posted: 07/23/2010

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Parallel lines form many angles when cut by another line called a transversal. You can imagine how many angles are formed when you have more than one transversal! All those angles have names, thank goodness, so we can keep them straight! Such pairs are the alternate interior angles, corresponding angles, and same side interior angles. And what about the converses of these postulates?

In this video you will learn all these angles and more. You will see how they show up in triangle problems. Once you learn all the names and how they work, you'll be looking everywhere for parallel lines because you'll find them easy problems to work.

Geometry will, sooner or later, start fitting together like a big jigsaw puzzle. It is not very enjoyable until that happens. As long as it makes no sense it will be a dreaded subject. But once you begin to see how it all fits together, you will begin to like it...a lot!

Watch, work the problems, watch again as many times as you need. Master this material and you'll be on your way to smoother sailing!

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Sandra Wilkes
Sandra Wilkes
30 lessons

Welcome! I'm so glad you are here! Math help is here for you when you need it.

I believe that using these Algebra and Geometry videos will help you understand the basics of Algebra and Geometry.

Some students try very hard and still struggle to pass math. They start off strong but things quickly begin to fall apart. That happens as soon as the student becomes lost. Teenagers who find themselves in this position often let it "get away from them" before they seek help. Because Math is always a class of stepping stones, it rarely gets better without help.

I urge you to seek help from your child's teacher first. Always. These Algebra and Geometry videos can help too. You can watch...


Recent Reviews

~ milly91

I needed this so bad! Thank you.

~ milly91

I needed this so bad! Thank you.

Lesson Outline:

A. Parallels Cut By Two Transversals
B. Parallels In Triangles
C. Converse of Corresponding Angles
D. Converse of Alternate Interior Angles
E. Converse of Alt Exterior Angles
F. Converse of Same Side Interior Angles

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