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Hike Half Dome: Anyone Can* Lesson Two


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  • Posted: 08/03/2010

This lesson is part of the following series:

Hike Half Dome: Anyone Can* Series (10 lessons, $4.95)

Rick Deutsch shares “the Asterisk” in Hike Half Dome: Anyone Can*. Anyone can with Education, Preparation, and Motivation.

Rick covers the importance of getting educated on this hike including this training video and books so hikers have a great Half Dome experience. Next Rick offers training tips to prepare and finally Rick details the importance of motivation, why are you hiking Half Dome?

About this Author

Big Escapes
Big Escapes
10 lessons

Big Escapes is a Silicon Valley innovator specializing in helping others publish their own high quality interactive mobile / web visitor guides. We have a passion for great stories and work hard to combine good writing / filming with solid implementation.

Big Escapes was founded in 2006 based on research on location based media at Hewlett-Packard's Mobile Media Lab. Today we collaborate with the best software companies, authors, and National Parks to produce interactive mobile guides for tourists / visitors. We have offices in the Silicon Valley and enjoy traveling and telling great stories.


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