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Series: BOE® Career in Entertainment Series

About this Series

  • Lessons: 21
  • Total Time: 15h 13m
  • Use: Watch Online & Download
  • Access Period: 90 Days
  • Created At: 11/23/2010
  • Last Updated At: 02/05/2012

More than 20% off the ala carte price, nearly 15 hours of "insider" information on the Business of Entertainment.

The BOE® Career Series is the complete set of courseware in our video store. Available for download, this value-priced package is an excellent way for career-minded subscribers to get the "big picture" of the entertainment industry today, including production financing, distribution, copyrights, publicity, post-production, 3D, video games and more!

About this Author

The Business of Entertainment LLC
The Business of Entertainment LLC
34 lessons

The Business of Entertainment LLC (BOE) is an educational courseware production company focused on the media and entertainment industry. With headquarters near Hollywood in Burbank, California, BOE produces lecture and networking events where media students and independent producers interact with studio executives, post production and production practitioners who conduct the business of show business.

The business of show business is learned on the job because there's no easy access to the execs who run the industry. We believe your career begins NOW, not 10 years from now, so we've designed our courseware to you insights from industry insiders TODAY and ON-DEMAND.

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Lessons Included

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