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Series: A Park For All Seasons - Western Region & Rockies

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  • Created At: 04/25/2011
  • Last Updated At: 04/25/2011

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Western Region and the Rockies - Alberta, British Columbia

Banff National Park - Alberta
This park is the first and perhaps still the finest of all Canada’s National Parks. Banff’s bustling town site is an oasis of civilization surrounded by untamed wildlife. Within its boundaries, Banff National Park contains a sampling of Canada’s greatest natural assets - from tiny snails, to grizzly bear tracks; from back country skiing to ice climbing. But hosting almost 4 million visitors a year means Banff must balance the infinite complexities of a vast ecosystem with the heavy footprint of the modern world.

Waterton Lakes National Park - Alberta
This park lies on the border of two of Canada’s most striking landscapes - the Rocky Mountains and the vast prairie grasslands. The contrast of these two biologically diverse ecosystems makes this one of the best places in the country to spot wildlife. However, the untamed nature of the park’s predators has caused deadly confrontations on cattle ranches neighboring Waterton’s borders. Now the park must work with its neighbors to ensure protection on both sides of the fence.

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve - British Columbia
On the west side of Vancouver Island, stands the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve - one of Canada’s most beautiful and powerful parks. Raging pacific storms pound 125 kilometers of rugged western shore into one of the world’s premier coastal temperate rainforests - dumping an average annual rainfall of nearly 3 and a half meters. With all that rainfall comes unique vegetation. The park’s formidable Sitka spruce can grow to 100 meters tall and boasts a trunk you could drive a small car thru. Despite the richness of the environment, it is also home to 42 species-at-risk. From tiny flowers, to giant marine mammals, to the most fragile rainforest ecology, Pac Rim in spring showcases the struggle for survival on a rugged windswept coast.

Gulf Island National Park Reserve - British Columbia
Its fragmented structure, stitched together from a series of islands sandwiched between the urban development of Vancouver Island and mainland British Colombia, Gulf Island National Park was established in 2003 in order to protect a diverse landscape from recreational development that threatened to overrun this natural wonder. The latest high tech equipment is being used to help rare ecosystems fight back against years of misuse.

Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve - British Columbia
Known as the ‘Canadian Galapagos, Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve shelters some of the most lush and remote landscapes in the continent. Home to the Haida Nation for over 10,000 years, the area’s coasts and ancient spruce forests are rich in cultural treasure as well as natural life. The southern tip of the park reserve is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, where one can find century old totem poles and longhouses eaten away by thriving lichen. Distinct species have flourished here and a sense of primeval life has been retained on these isolated islands.

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