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Series: Combined Beginning Algebra and Geometry Series

About this Series

  • Lessons: 30
  • Total Time: 7h 33m
  • Use: Watch Online & Download
  • Access Period: Unlimited
  • Created At: 01/20/2012
  • Last Updated At: 05/07/2016

Here is your help for Beginning Algebra and Geometry. Get started with this very basic math instruction. It's yours to keep and to share with your friends and other students. Use it and share it as much as you'd like. Remember the best way to learn math is to teach it to someone else. So, now, you learn it and then you teach it. You may be surprised what a good learning strategy that is. You will be the one helping others with their math!

This series includes the Beginning Algebra Series AND the Basic Geometry Series. Get them while you can and have them when you need them.

These math help lessons are especially for people who really, really struggle with math. If you have a learning disability, the methods I use may help you. I go slowly, use repetition and very basic examples to show you how to work the problems. If you are a math whiz, this is NOT for you.

Every Algebra video has a video guide sheet and a worksheet for you to practice. The answers are for you to check your work. Never move to the next concept until you understand the one you are working on. If you do, you will be building on a weak foundation and it WILL come back to haunt you.

It is my wish that having these videos in your virtual library will give you that extra math help we all need sometimes. You may stream them from this site as often as needed or you may download them. They are yours to keep. And please share freely with others.

Enjoy using them. Learning Algebra and Geometry is fun only when you understand what is going on! This will help you.

About this Author

Sandra Wilkes
Sandra Wilkes
30 lessons

Welcome! I'm so glad you are here! Math help is here for you when you need it.

I believe that using these Algebra and Geometry videos will help you understand the basics of Algebra and Geometry.

Some students try very hard and still struggle to pass math. They start off strong but things quickly begin to fall apart. That happens as soon as the student becomes lost. Teenagers who find themselves in this position often let it "get away from them" before they seek help. Because Math is always a class of stepping stones, it rarely gets better without help.

I urge you to seek help from your child's teacher first. Always. These Algebra and Geometry videos can help too. You can watch...

Lessons Included

~ milly91

I seriously can't do proofs. But this is good and I am getting better at it. I wish you lived next door to me!

So Easy To Understand
~ michaelmc

I really get this now. Never thought of it this way before.

Below are the descriptions for each of the lessons included in the series:

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