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Series: General Chemistry Unit 2: Atoms, Ions & Compounds

About this Series

  • Lessons: 18
  • Total Time: 2h 4m
  • Use: Watch Online & Download
  • Access Period: Unlimited
  • Created At: 09/16/2009
  • Last Updated At: 08/01/2013

In this unit Aaron Sams and Jonathan Bergmann teach their unit 2 of introductory chemistry. The focus of this series is ATOMS, IONS, & COMPOUNDS
There are two parts:
1. Instructional Video Podcasts
2. Think it Through Podcasts

About this Author

Jonathan Bergmann & Aaron Sams
Jonathan Bergmann & Aaron Sams
145 lessons

Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams have received national attention for their chemistry video podcasts. They are dynamic teachers that connect with students. You can find our more about Jon at

Lessons Included

Video presentation on isotopes
~ Johnny3

I felt this video really helped my Chemistry classes understand what an isotope is and how the average atomic mass of one is calculated. The use of the tomato paste was brilliant; I may borrow that idea for my lecture/discussion on isotopes in the future. I'm really sold on the Sams/Bergmann team and hope to utilize their videos in future lessons.

Below are the descriptions for each of the lessons included in the series:

Supplementary Files: