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Series: Biology: Cell Reproduction - Mitosis and Meiosis

About this Series

  • Lessons: 16
  • Total Time: 2h 45m
  • Use: Watch Online & Download
  • Access Period: Unlimited
  • Created At: 10/14/2009
  • Last Updated At: 10/27/2011

In these sixteen lessons, we'll learn about cell reproduction. Our first four lessons will look at the Eukaryotic Cell Cycle and the processes of both mitosis and cytokinesis.

Our next four lessons will cover cell-cycle regulation. This type of regulation of Mitosis involve protein kinases and other mechanisms. The absense of this type of regulation can lead to cancer. We'll also look at the ras gene and the p53 gene in the context of mitosis regulation.

Eight lessons after those will be focused on meiosis and sexual reproduction. As part of this, we'll cover homologous chromosomes, prophase I, disjunction and Meiosis II, etc. We'll also go through a thorough comparison of mitosis and meiosis in addition to coverage of independent assortment, spermatogenesis (meiosis in males) and oogenesis (meiosis in females).

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Lessons Included

very vague
~ Daina

I am a little disappointed in the detail of the video. I was hoping for more than just a general overview.

The phases
~ Meryl

This was a great video! It cleared literally everything up! This was phenomenal! Well done!

~ Rachelle1

What is the difference between bivalent and tetrad?

~ Adam26

He addresses the problem beautifully but does not answer my question to Meiosis with homologous chromosomes.

Mitosis and Photosynthesis
~ Maria30

I think that visual explanations are much more simpler to understand biology with different colors and shapes.

Specifics Needed
~ Jonathan26

The video was not specific in the chromosomal changes from oogonium to zygote.

~ Sabrina7

Iam currently taking a continuation to beginning bio. Believe me I have alot of confusion between mitosis vs meiosis. This video was so helpful in explaining the difference.I plan to use this site to get me through the semester.

Mitosis: The Phases

This lesson really helped me understand mitosis well. Thank you.

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