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Series: You Can Choose! - Complete Series


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About this Series

  • Lessons: 10
  • Total Time: 4h 37m
  • Use: Watch Online
  • Access Period: 180 Days
  • Created At: 12/24/2009
  • Last Updated At: 08/20/2015

10-Part Video Series for Elementary School Students (Grades K-5)


You Can Choose! with Michael Pritchard provides teachers, librarians, and counselors with a terrific springboard for group discussion, and a powerful enhancement to any character education or life skills curriculum.

You Can Choose! starts children on the path to positive, healthful life choices. This delightful videotape series teaches young people valuable lessons that contribute to self-discipline, good decision-making, high self-esteem, a sense of responsibility, and the ability to get along with others.

Warm, humorous, and highly entertaining, You Can Choose! combines comedy, drama, music, peer-education, and role modeling into a lively format that captivates and challenges young viewers. Each program in the series presents a compelling dramatic skit depicting a problem situation which is very real for children. While the skits are performed by a lovable cast of characters, the problems are ultimately resolved by the children, themselves.


-Parents' Choice Award
-National Educational Film and Video Festival
-National Council on Family Relations
-CINE Golden Eagle
-California Children's Video Award

About this Author

Live Wire Media
Live Wire Media
34 lessons

We started Live Wire Media twenty-five years ago with the aim of creating programs that kids of all ages love to watch, while enabling them to learn valuable techniques for making good choices in life. Since then, we have been producing award-winning materials for everyone involved in character education. We hope that you'll continue to turn to us whenever you need quality resources for character education, guidance, and life skills.

Lessons Included

You Can Choose! #10 - Resolving Conflicts
~ mwilliams1

I wish I could review this video! I paid for it and can't find it on my computer.

Below are the descriptions for each of the lessons included in the series:

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