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Series: College Algebra: Systems of Equations


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About this Series

  • Lessons: 33
  • Total Time: 3h 58m
  • Use: Watch Online & Download
  • Access Period: Unlimited
  • Created At: 05/18/2010
  • Last Updated At: 06/01/2011

In this 33-lesson unit, we'll dive into Systems of Equations. We'll start out by looking at linear systems of equations. Then, we'll move on to look at linear systems that have three variabls. After that, we'll look at a few applications of linear systems before moving on to start our study of non-linear systems of equations. Next up will be Matrices and the Gauss-Jorden method of solving matrices. We'll also learn how to evaluate determinants and apply/understand Cramer's Rule. Then, we'll look at inverses and matrices before moving on to work a little with inequalities and learn a bit about linear programming.

About this Author

2174 lessons

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Lessons Included

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~ Alexis7

Review for Exam 1

slow down
~ roger9

I expected this video series to be longer. Total of 4 videos are less then 1/2 hour. Not enough examples. Instruction is too fast paced.
Great for a refresher for those who know this material well and just want to prep for a exam.

~ Janet2

this video length is about 8 minutes, and it stops about halfway through so I don't get to see all of it, which doesn't help me at all.

~ Assessment1

Yet again, this instruction is extremely helpful. Completely recommend that is you watch/purchase video one on the Gauss-Jordon elimination that you also purchase this second example, just to firm up the use & understanding of the elimination rules and row operations.


Thank You!
~ Assessment

I am a phd student. This little short video did more for me in 30 minutes or less than any review I have attempted thus far in trying to remember how to find the Inverse of a Matrix! Excellent! Good job!

Helped a lot!
~ Christopher5

While this is sort of a basic overview of Glauss-Jordan methodology, he really explained it about 1000 times better in seven minutes than my Finite Math teacher did in two hours. I wish I had this teacher for my class. :(

gaussman-jordan method
~ maria3

very well explained

Had no idea partial fractions could do that!
~ brittanie

Great lesson to prep for the math portion of the GRE!

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