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Series: complete taxidermy video course $19.99 per year

About this Series

  • Lessons: 37
  • Total Time: 18h 52m
  • Use: Watch Online & Download
  • Access Period: 360 Days
  • Created At: 10/20/2010
  • Last Updated At: 10/27/2010

For only $19.99 per year you can watch and learn from my online video course. The best deal anywhere.

complete course on taxidermy. videos added daily.

1.Whitetail shoulder mounting
2.Skull Mounting and Capeing deer
3.Life sized mounting
4.coyote rug mounting
5.rainbow trout mounting
6.Tanning hides and furs
7. Mounting a flying deck.
8. mounting a bugleing bull elk
This series will show you how to mount
1. should mounts
2. lifesized mounts
3. bird mounts
4. fish mounts
5. skull mounting
6. capeing animals
7. tanning hides and furs.

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About this Author

39 lessons

Offer 23 differnt how to taxidermy videos.

Lessons Included

~ jason57

This guy is always very informative, and very detailed, unlike some others out there, (dan rinehart). I do wish he would have gone over the pre-tan parts a little though, namely, rinehart says you need to take measurements after tanning, I have seen a couple other vids from taxidermyvideos showing that you take measurements prior to tanning(life size mountain lion). which is the case for a shoulder mounted deer. I think it may be because rinehart uses self tanning products and maybe doesn't have the stretch of a commercial tannery, not sure though. if someone knows tell me. other than all that this guy offers buy far the most informative, helpful and all around detailed training videos i have seen yet. he's not out there trying to sell you anything, no BS sales gag about how your mount will impress Jesus if you use "my tanning cream" or "buy my new cleansing solution and your cape will put your competitors out of business" when it's really Dawn dish soap in a generically labeled bottle.

you can see that I'm pretty pissed at rinehart, I spent nearly thirty dollars on his sales gimmick videos and six here to get more detail and better explanation of the process as a whole.

keep up the good work!!!

maybe you can do a short video on air brushing technique and what you need to do it. ie compressor, how big a tank is needed, Psi and such.


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