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Series: A Complete Foundation to Drawing and Colour

About this Series

  • Lessons: 12
  • Total Time: 2h 39m
  • Use: Watch Online & Download
  • Access Period: Unlimited
  • Created At: 10/25/2010
  • Last Updated At: 10/26/2010

A Complete Foundation to Drawing & Colour. This is an absolutely imperative series and film for any artist who wishes to paint "figuratively". I have produced many clear graphics to demonstrate perspective, measuring, scale and proportion. I show you many examples of paintings by myself and other artists to demonstrate methods, tone, line, texture and form. The use and chemistry of colour is clearly dealt with explaining intensity, tone, colour circle, broken colour, warms and cools, colour perspective "Aerial" and linear perspective. I show you simple ways to draw a portrait, use lighting and form, figures and much more. I have even had many experienced artists who have praised this film having found something new!

About this Author

307 lessons

Artist, writer, potter, angler, craftsman, muscician, angler, photographer, film maker. Taught for 28 years in both the state and private sectors in the UK as a Head of Art Design and Technology then retired ?? :-) due to ill health 20 years ago and moved to France for 8 years and set up my own gallery, chambre d hote, holidays etc. Now recently returned to the UK for family wishes and am in Lincolnshire. Please see or if you are interested in my activities, my work or all I have to offer? Look forward to hearing from you. Peter

Lessons Included

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