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Series: Italian Cooking Classes - Antipasti & First Course

About this Series

  • Lessons: 8
  • Total Time: 2h 27m
  • Use: Watch Online & Download
  • Access Period: Unlimited
  • Created At: 10/29/2010
  • Last Updated At: 11/02/2010

DVD and E-book available at:
Born in Florence, Giuliano Bugialli is Italy’s foremost cooking teacher and food historian. Today his cooking school, a mecca for amateur and professional chefs since 1973, is the location for this series of master class video demonstrations on the fine art of Italian cooking.

As a master teacher on Italian food, Giuliano's recepes are brilliantly presented and easy to follow.

This package of digital video files presents fabulous demonstrations on the prepartion of Antipasti (Appetizers) and Primi Piatti (First Courses), including:

Fresh Pastas from three regions, including:
- Maccheroni Alla Chitarra - Pasta cut with a “guitar”
- Corzetti Stampati Con Tocco Di Pesce - “Stamped” Pasta with Fish Sauce
- Quadrucci E Ceci - Quadrucci Pasta with Chick Peas
Puddica - Pizza with Tomato Pockets
Schiacciata D'Uva - Sweet Pizza with Grapes
Gnocchi Di Barbe Rosse - Red Beet Gnocchi
Gnocchi Di Patate Al Pesto - Potato Gnocchi with Pesto and Tomatoes
Various Regional Bruschette
Risotto All'amatriciana - Risotto Amatrice
Risi E Bisi - Rice and Peas
Bigoli Scuri In Salsa - Whole-Wheat Bigoli with Onion Anchovy Sauce
Orata Al Limone Alla Veneta - Dorade with Lemon
Pasta Nell’Alveare - Ziti Baked in a Beehive of Pasta
Pasta E Fagioli Alla Veneta - Pasta and Beans
Finocchi In Fricassea Alla Romana - Fennel Fricassee Roman Style
Tortino Ripieno Alla Veneziana - Stuffed Frittata

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Lessons Included

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